The recipes presented in this site are unique to the island of Curaçao kitchens of the members of the sisterhood of the Mikvé Israel-Emanuel Synagogue in Curaçao. ("THE JEWISH KITCHENS OF CURAÇAO" available in the gift shop in the synagogue) Since the jewish families have lived on Curaçao for over 300 years, their  way of cooking and their tastes have mingled with those of other groups which have also settled on the island. As a result, the following is a mixture of the traditional and the new, of special holiday dishes and everyday foods, of Jewish dishes and international ones. What is common to all is that they are still enjoyed today by our Jewish families and by many others.  
The purpose is to present these recipes and to preserve for future generations the traditional recipes which have been handed down through the ages among Curaçao's Jewish families.   
And we say in old Papiamentu zjanta ku zjeitu!    ENJOY!